Poached Eggs … Non-Benedict

Since taking that cooking class a couple years ago where I learned how to poach an egg. Since then it was game on! It’s another thing I make whenever I am home in the mornings. They don’t take long to make and they are a good source of protein and the healthiest way to cook an egg. They are also a blank slate, you can go with just about any flavor palette. I almost always toast up an English muffin and then look to see what I have in the fridge. There is almost always turkey bacon, some sort of spinach or arugula and shallots. Sometimes I have fresh mushrooms, an avocado, tomatoes, a bell pepper and some fresh herbs. It’s a blank slate and goes with so many things!

Last week I had made something southwestern the night before and so I had some black beans, green chiles, an onion, a mix of spinach and arugula, taco sauce (a secret love) and fresh cilantro. Voila breakfast! I sauteed everything but the cilantro, added a little taco sauce … layered everything up and topped with fresh cilantro. Oh man! So good with the buttery richness of the runny egg yolk. SO GOOD!

Here are a few pictures of variations I have made starting with my southwest eggs non-benedict!


Below is my classic – poached eggs on top of a mushroom, shallot and spinach saute and english muffin topped with fresh tomatoes. I often like to spread the english muffin with goat cheese:


Below is poached eggs on top of fresh spinach, turkey bacon and a buttered english muffin:


Below is a variation with goat cheese, avocado, sauteed shallots, spinach and chickpeas:



2 thoughts on “Poached Eggs … Non-Benedict

  1. Each dish looks so pretty! A nice thing to have first thing in the a.m. (….after tea, or coffee). Maybe someday I will like eggs again; they are a good shot of protein!


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