Farmer’s Market Season

This is the first summer in two years that we haven’t been moving, so we are so very excited about taking full advantage of all summer in our area has to offer. This past weekend we went to our local farmer’s market for the first time and I can’t wait to go every weekend we can and eat some really fresh produce! We picked up some BEAUTIFUL greens, local meat (no hormones, no antibiotics), local goat cheese (some of the best I have EVER had, it’s AMAZING), local honey and local coffee. We used the greens in a salad and I have pretty much used them every chance I have gotten:

I marinated some mahi mahi in an Asian marinade and put it on top of these beautiful greens with some other veggies


For lunch today I made a salad with beets and some of that local goat cheese and greens. ohhhh man! I also put some of the greens on my sandwich. What a difference in taste from store bought greens! I wish we had gotten more!



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