Hot Sauce Side Note

I have a new found love … HOT SAUCE! I have never liked hot/spicy food. I like food that is flavorful and I never minded a little “kick”, but as my mom says, “I don’t want eating to become an athletic event”. Sometimes a little heat adds a needed component to a dish. A few months ago I had a hot sauce that was really smoky because it was recommended as a good paring with what I was eating. I tried just a little. It didn’t really have much heat, but it had a nice smoky flavor, so I really enjoyed it. Then I was at Chipotle and there was a similar hot sauce that was smoky and I thought I would try it. HOOKED! Ya’ll, this is the STUFF! I pretty much put it on whatever I can now. It has this amazing smokiness with that hot sauce tang. It has some heat, but not enough to be considered in the “athletic event” category. It goes particularly well on fish tacos, eggs and hollandaise. Yummmmmy! It’s my new go-to condiment!



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