taco soup …

when it comes to lunch, either during the work week or on the weekend, i’m not much of a sandwich person. occasionally a sub from subway is good, or a simple turkey sandwich is good. generally though, I’m just not much into sandwiches (except the ones Ben makes … another post for another time). when it comes to lunch, i want a hearty, hot & filling meal. but, when it’s a work day – i need something quick or that i can quickly package up in the morning & take to work with me … this soup is just that and the longer it sits – the better it tastes! i make a big pot of it on sunday afternoon or evening and put it in a container topped with cheese for the work microwave … MMM! I will warn you though – this recipe makes a lot, so i usually half it and make it for just a week at a time.

(this recipe is an altered version of one someone gave me)
1 bell pepper (i prefer red) – chopped fine
1 onion – chopped fine
baby carrots – sliced into thinner discs
celery (if you are a celery fan – i’m not, so i leave it out)
2 cans of canned chicken (i prefer white meat)
1 can black beans
1 can of red beans (feel free to use whatever kind of beans you prefer or leave them out if you don’t like beans)
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can corn
1 box of chicken broth
1 packet of fajita seasoning
fresh cracked black pepper
chili powder
cumin powder
tortilla chips (scoops are my favorite for this)

saute chopped onion, bell pepper (& celery if applicable) & garlic. add chili powder & cumin & pepper in large stock pot until soft. add carrots and let cook for a few min then add chicken and break up and saute for a few minutes with the onions & peppers. add corn, beans & tomatoes. let that all heat through until carrots are crisp tender. add fajita seasoning and cook for a couple minutes. then add chicken stock until it just covers the vegies & chicken. this is what rachel ray would call a “stoup”. add more chili powder, cumin & pepper to taste. add salt if needed. let simmer until carrots are soft and the liquid has thickened slightly.

my favorite way to eat this is to top with cheese & scoop up with scoops tortilla chips. it’s hearty, hot & good for you! the other thing i do sometimes is put a flour tortilla in the bottom of the bowl & let the hot soup make it soft. mmmm! enjoy!


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